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Feeding anyone with food insecurities

We are proud of our Auntie Helen's Cares food distribution that feeds upwards of 1600 families weekly with 2 bags of well-balanced and nutritional food.

We partner with case managers from all parts of San Diego.  They pick up large quantities of groceries and deliver them to clients and others in need.

Any food we have remaining each day is sent to homeless shelters around San Diego.

Pet food is also available.

Food distribution: Monday and Saturday 10am-2pm


Continuing our tradition of laundry

In 1988, our founder offered laundry service for the people with AIDS. At one time, we had many washers and dryers running six days a week to meet this need.

We continue our services and offer laundry service for those who physically are unable.

We have expanded to help our frontline medical workers in this pandemic.

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Available to anyone who asks

Auntie Helen’s partners with medical clinics in San Diego to offer free preventative care, confidential testing, and educational resources for preventive drugs.  In doing so, we hope to be part of the future without AIDS.

We provide products for clients who may be homeless or indigent.  Every month, we provide 300 hygiene kits and blankets.

Additionally, we provide free access to donated, basic medical equipment related to activities of daily living, such as shower chairs, walkers, and canes.


Attire for all occassions

We assist with providing complimentary clothing to our case managers and social workers to hand out to clients as needed.


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We are here for you

Warm lines available for depression or at-risk situations.

Need help? Call 619-295-1055

Coming soon...

AA, NA, ACA classes

Meditation, Yoga, Nutritional classes



High-end merchandise, reasonable prices

We have a range of clothing, shoes and accessories for women, men, and children.  We also have furniture, books, collectables, toys, and much more.

All proceeds to go fund our various programs.

Check out our thrift store!

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"We are very grateful for your continuous support and for donating up to 100 bags of groceries each week to help feed our patients living with HIV in South Bay and Southeast Sand Diego.  We also thank you for the pet food that you have donated for our patient's furry friends.  Responding to our community needs, especially in times of crisis, has always been at the heart of San Ysidro Health's Mission. Through your partnership, together, we are making a positive difference. Thank you."

Kevin Mattson

President and CEO

San Ysidro Health

"Our sincerest gratitude to you and the entire AH crew for all that you do. Your help has made the world of difference for our clients and their families."

The Mother, Child & Adolescent HIVProgram Team

UC San Diego

Need help?

Call our warm line: 619-295-1055