Auntie Helen’s was founded to help those living with HIV/AIDS. As a community-based service provider, Auntie Helen’s is many things to many people. We also serve low-income and the homeless in our community.

Our Mission

We envision a community where people living with HIV/AIDS can have an empowered, loving life without barriers. Auntie Helen’s started in 1988 as a Fluff & Fold for those affected with HIV/AIDS. 


In 1989, we grew to generate support for the benefit of those affected, by providing a community thrift store. We have now broadened our resources to serve as a link to medical care and mental health programs for those who are positive, as well as to provide resources for their families and friends. 


Auntie Helen’s partners with medical clinics in San Diego to offer free preventative care, confidential testing, and educational resources for preventive drugs.  In doing so, we hope to be part of the future without AIDS.

people hugging


We feed and clothe people with life-threatening illnesses and feed anyone with food insecurities.  All this is made possible with generous donations from individuals, our partners, and group of volunteers.

volunteers donating food


Our complimentary services including providing weekly food bags, laundry care, medical equipment, clothing vouchers, hygiene kits, and wellness classes.


Thrift Store

Auntie Helen’s thrift store includes an extensive variety of clothing items, household goods, furniture, and collectibles.  Proceeds are used to fund our various services.

Our Partners